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Aviation Logistics Marines

A Service-Oriented Fraternity
of Marine Corps Aviation Logisticians

The 2019 Davis Squadron reunion will be at

The Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, FL March 21st-24th.

Registration info will be available soon. !

Our Charter

The Don E. Davis Squadron is a fraternal organization that promotes the advancement of Marine Corps Aviation Association objectives and the Marine Corps Aviation logistics Community of Interest (COI): active duty, veterans and their families. In partnership with HQMC ASL, Fleet Marine Forces and the aviation industry, we dedicate our service to education; bridging professional opportunities; and recognition for the benefit of its members and society!

Activities and Services

  • Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA) At Large Squadron
  • MCAA Awards Program Champion and Participant
  • MCAA Yellow Sheet and Journal Contributors
  • Annual Reunion and Banquet Program
  • ASL-AvLog Community Advocates
  • Bridging and Endorsing
  • Professional Opportunities for Aviation Marines
  • Pete Freeman Scholarship
  • Foundation for its Members and Families

How we got here

For 25 years we were known as the "Aviation Supply Marines". We organized primarily as a social group to maintain camaraderie within our profession. Our yearly reunions were organized and sponsored primarily by retired and active duty Aviation Supply Marines. Because we worked closely with Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics and Ordnance Marines, they were invited and attended many of our reunions. This tradition prevailed for many years. So, during our business meeting at the 2002 reunion it was unanimously voted to change our name to "Aviation Logistics Marines".

Some of the reasoning for the decision basically consisted of the historical fact that we never limited participation to only Aviation Supply Marines. Also, since the inception of the Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program (MALSP) and the reorganization of the Marine Aircraft Groups (MAGS) Headquarters and Maintenance Squadrons (H&MS') into Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons (MALS'), "Aviation Logistics" are the "key words" that we are all about. So! We now look forward to broadening our camaraderie within the Aviation Logistics community and keeping the traditions and heritages of our professions alive throughout the future years!


Contact Information

To contact us, use our ALM e-mail addresses.  All the Squadron Officers get the word automatically.  You simply send an e-mail to one of the addresses below.

news@avlogmarines.org to submit news items (CO (Laura), XO (Kevin), Membership (The 'Rogers'), and Webmaster (Paul) )
information@avlogmarines.org to request information about ALM and the Squadron (all the officers)
membership@avlogmarines.org to inquire about joining or to join (all the officers)‚Äč

webmaster@avlogmarines.org  to report problems with the web page (Paul)