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Our congratulations to all the Marines and Sailors of MALS-13 that were responsible for this award

Late breaking e-mail to Don from Randy: (received after the newsletter went out) Family and Friends; Some of you already know ‘some’ of this news and some don’t. Today was another HUGE milestone day for the Virgil family. It’s been coming ever since the day they were born. Yes they left for college after high school but Raleigh was only 2 hours aware. Now their journey really begins. As you can imagine their Mom and I are overwhelmed with pride and joy for our sons. We are extremely thankful and know we’re blessed more than we deserve. Alex and Kyle told me I had to wait until today was over before I could share this information. KYLE: Graduating with a “BS” in Chemistry on 6 May 2016. Many of you know he intends on continuing to graduate school for his PHD and applied to several top universities in the US. Schools that sent him acceptance letters include Yale, Princeton, CALTEC, Northwestern, etc… Due to his hard work over the last four years every university offered to pay him to attend their school. After visiting several schools during March he decided on CALTEC. HOWEVER… He has been officially accepted for the Fulbright Fellowship so he’ll go to Sweden and work with a Scientist Professor for 10 months starting in Sept 2016 thru May 2017. He’s going to perform research in solar energy and who knows what else. Next year he’ll begin his PHD graduate student studies at CALTEC. He and I plan on driving across country to CALTEC with all his ‘stuff’ and have an adventure. ALEX: He’s finishing his third year at NC State university this year. HOWEVER….Alex has decided that he’s ready to move on and took the Oath of Enlistment today for the Air Force. (Yes) he knows he could finish his degree and enter the military as an Officer but that’s not what he wants at this time. He can finish his degree while on active duty and later on also apply for one of the Air Force “Enlisted to Officer” programs if he chooses. When he took his ASVAB test Alex scored OVER 90 in “every” area of the test. This made Alex extremely valuable so the Air Force decided to assign him the job described below. As part of the enlistment process Alex had to pick 20 different job fields and this was one of those. Normally the Air Force doesn’t assign new Airmen a job field until later during boot camp. Also….because of the amount of college credits he has he’ll graduate boot camp as an E3 instead of an E1. This job field is so specialized and it’s hard to find qualified applicants so the Air Force is going to give Alex a onetime $7,000 sign up bonus for a six year contract. He leaves for boot camp in mid July for 8 ½ weeks and it’s located at Lackland AFB, San Antonio Texas.

Aviation Logistics Marines July 2016 Newsletter
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(April 2016) News Letter extract

During the last 8 months I’ve received thousands of e-mails from hundreds of you folks, and I’ve enjoyed them all. However, to mention everyone would take a lot more pages than I think you’d care to read. So, as I’ve done in past Newsletter Log Notes, I try to write about what folks have told me what they’ve done, what they’re doing now, and what some are planning for the future. To make it a little easier to get through the Notes I’ve Highlighted everyone’s name. Therefore, if you’re looking for your name, or someone else’s, it’ll make it easier to find.

Ø  I had the pleasure of having a phone conversation with “Babe” Dufore on her birthday, and she is doing just fine. She is living in Morehead City NC in a very nice apartment. She said she has talked to Irene Bridges and all is well with her also.

Ø  Maria-Elena Augustin attended the MC Ball in Orlando. Walt Augustin hosted this Ball when he was in charge at the NAWC Training Systems Command.

Ø  It was great to see Bart and Terri Consford at the Reunion.

Ø  I had the pleasure of visiting with fellow Florida Mustangs Bert Burchette and Joe Cocovaldez at the MC Ball in Tampa.

Ø  Where did Alex McCraight run into Jim Hatch?

Ø  Capt. Tony Ripley is now the Science and Technology Head at HQMC’s Expeditionary Energy Office. Hope he stays in the Corps?

Ø  Bill and Betty Hamlin are now back in Virginia with Betty’s sister who had a terrible auto accident months ago in NH.

Ø  Our Thanks to Col. Blayne Spratlin “The Boss” and LtCol. Bill Gray “Asst. Boss” at HQMC ASL for expediting the Reunion Message from LtGen. Jon Davis Deputy Commandant for Aviation.

Ø  Bob Aitchison continues to keep us up to date on the V-22 Program.

Ø  Did Bob Timmons get the ALM Roster from Pete Lynch?

Ø  Brad Bergman now has his own company (?) that provides advice and assistance to various Government Agencies. Brad gave me the following update on some folks working for CACI at various gov’t agencies:

o   Gary Fraley at Norfolk

o   Roy Bibbins and P. W. Malone at MALS-31

o   Larry Messner at 2ndMAW.

Ø  Brad also said:

o   Paul Callan is at PKL in San Diego,

o   LtCol Jeff Stone is at HMX-1,  

o   LtCol Chuck Bercier is at MARFORCOM ALD,

o   Greg Johnson is retired in Mississippi,

o   Don Joseph retired in New Orleans,

o   Mike Pasco retired in Iowa,

o   Rob Willis is working for Andromeda,

o   Pat Frossard does COMM/radio work for NASCAR,

o   Dan Crawley works for LEADOS,

o   Brian Haviland works for Booze-Allen in Lex Park, MD and,

o   Dale Johnson is working for Trinity Systems in Dallas.

Ø  Brad Wilhelm is working the Australian MH60R helo FMS Program for NAVSUP. He says "It ain’t easy Mate”.

Ø  Carl Cabrera (“The Coconut”) says he loves his “Chopper” (Motorcycle) and he still has his 2 legs and his wife!

Ø  Congratulations to “Chick” Reeves and his new Bride Loni. They moved into their new home in PA last September.

Ø  Col. Bryon “Chub” Madden had a great Pronghorn hunt in Colorado. His party got 4 Bucks and a Doe!

Ø  Curt and Susie Bare had a great time at the Beach celebrating their Granddaughters 13th birthday.

Ø  Sure hope Dan Gillan will show up at the Beaufort Reunion with his bagpipes and kilt, and wife Andrea with her big smile!

Ø  Dave Oxendine is a blast from the past (1973? 2ndMAW Supply). Dave and wife Kim are making things happen in SC.

Ø  “Dixie” Babb liked the new AVLOG LOGO w/wings!

Ø  Glad to hear Denny Stiegman and Sam Flores finally hooked up on e-mail after many years!

Ø  Does anyone know a Rob Flueck?

Ø  Our thanks to Col Don Chipman ALD 1stMAW for arranging to have BGen Sanborn CG 1stMAW present the ALM Plaque to MALS-12. Were there any photos taken?

Ø  We really appreciate the great support from Don Fincham and wife Theresa.

Ø  Jackie Bacon advised that Ed had a few health problems, but is doing well now and hanging in there like a Great Marine!

Ø  Ed Creamer is a wonderful and very humorous story teller. I wish we had the room to print some of his tales.

Ø  Ed Green vacationed in the Philippines last October, and visited John Revielle's gravesite at the Veterans Cemetery in Angeles City.

Ø  Francis McCarthy is a research professional and comes up with some really interesting facts!

Ø  Gary Southard tells us the city of Nagasaki Japan has honored his daughter for her book titled: “Nagasaki, Life after Nuclear War” it’s about 5 survivors of the A-Bomb.

Ø  George Hayn says MGySgt “Skip” Wentworth and CW0-4 Don Cavinder were Squadron mates when Major Fred Anthes was SupO at MAG-24 in Hawaii.

Ø  George Wooten attended the HMM-165 Reunion in October for members from 1986-92.

Ø  Gerald Townsend's 95 year old lady who lost her husband joke was the best this year.

Ø  Gerry Brown said that after heart surgery, hip surgery, knee replacement and type 2 diabetes he quit drinking and smoking and now walks 5 miles a day! Wow, why did you quit drinking???

Ø  At 80 years old Glenn Bratcher went kayaking in the Potomac River last August.

Ø  Mike Guillory after many years in Okinawa is now living happily in Pensacola, Florida.

Ø  How many people get Jack and Dottie Middleton's funny JIBJAB greeting cards?

Ø  Mary Lou Demmond is doing a lot of traveling visiting kids in Tenn. and TX. She also had some serious foot surgery in February. Hope all is going well?

Ø  Jerry Foreman reports that our beloved CH46’s are now being used to fight forest fires.

Ø  Jess Jesse said it’s a slow recovery from recent hip surgery.

Ø  Jim Griffin said he’s ready for another Rough-n-Tumble Reunion now that his hand has healed and his shoulder surgery was successful! [Paul – ain’t no butts about it!  :-) ]

Ø  Col Jim Garner (95 years young) said He and Mary Ellen are looking forward to the Reunion in Beaufort!

Ø  Jim and Gale Rogers have moved from Albany to Doughty County Georgia, where Jim is now a Pastor at a local church!

Ø  Jim Sealy on learning that Ray Redford is alive and well, said “that good friends are like quilts, they age with you, yet never lose their warmth.”

Ø  Joe Featherston is the busiest retired Marine I know! E-mail Guru, Military Historian, member of numerous organizations that keep him and Jeannie on the road, and good friend to all he meets!

Ø  John Cauble has been in and out of hospitals since last August! Heart, lungs, cancer, etc. Said he'd like to hear from old friends. Call 214-633- 0921.

Ø  Congrats to John Bell who received his PhD in Health Care Administration last October!

Ø  Our Thanks to John Glover (aka F. Wall) for helping Mike Welter's Grandson report into Camp Lejeune.

Ø  Our appreciation to John Northcutt for taking the time to forward our Newsletter to his friends and fellow workers.

Ø  John Polley is another e-mail Guru, but when he send stuff from his Galaxy II, I can't open the attachments.

Ø  John Shultz is now living in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Ø  It was nice of John Burnosky to take the time from his busy schedule to stop by and say hello at our Reunion.

Ø  Did Kelli Dunne ever get the picture she requested from Paul Cerkez? [Kelli, let me know if you didn’t get it, send an e-mail to the webmaster (see contact info above)- Paul]

Ø  We hope Ken Crawford and wife Vergie are doing well?

Ø  Lee Holloway sent a neat quote about being a Marine, “It's not how crazy we are, but how much we enjoy it, that makes us dangerous” OORAH!

Ø  Where is LtCol. Ray LeGall?

Ø  Glad to hear Linda Foreman is doing OK, and had a great time at the MC Ball in DC!

Ø  Luke Bolenbarker is bragging that He and Helen now have 6 Great Grand Kids.

Ø  Is LtCol Larry Starta still in 2ndMAW or is he now at TLS?

Ø  Marty and Tillie Zigovsky had a grand time celebrating the MC Ball in Western NC.

Ø  If you're looking for Meda DiFrancesco you can find her on Facebook!!

Ø  Mike Witsell says “Little Thelma” had a great idea on how to get rid of ISIS. Get them to like you, and when they come out of hiding, let the Marine's kick their butts!

Ø  Mike Stitcher hopes 1-95 will be open this year on the way to Beaufort?

Ø  Mike Welter took gold in singles and mixed doubles, plus silver in men's doubles at the Florida Pickleball Championships!

Ø  Nellie Bowen says every time she sees a Marine in uniform her heart beats a little faster! Thanks Nellie! You make Us Proud!!

Ø  Nick Russell and Pat Garrett are our “Boots on the Ground” in Beaufort and are doing a Great job getting things lined up for the Reunion.

Ø  I was also advised by Laura Sampsel that Major Hennesy the MALS-31 Operations Officer is also involved in helping us out with our Beaufort Reunion. Great!

Ø  I don't think any Reunion could have a better 50/50 ticket seller than Otis DeLoach!

Ø  If Pat Garrett decides to come to the Reunion this year we have decided to pay all his automobile transportation costs from his home to MCAS Beaufort provided he drives his own car, and brings Carol.

Ø  Pat Curd says his days as an Aviation Supply Marine were the best!  That's because he was Great at it!

Ø  Pat Kraft (Roger's much better half) is doing a Great job as the Florida Mustang Marines Secretary.

Ø  Did Paul Gaughen see the 1960's MAG-12 Supply Department picture on our Website?

Ø  How did Paul Simkonis' son make out on his job search?

Ø  Randy Virgil, the ultimately retired Marine, spends a lot of his time in the outdoors of upstate New York, fishing, and hunting. He also has a great recipe for Hard Apple Cider.

Ø  Raul (Art) Sifuentes is no longer the Executive Director at the MCAA. He's moved on and is now associated with The Military Historic Tours. The MCAA will miss him!

Ø  Kathy Redford sent us an update on Ray, who's been hospitalized since December. He’s now in Rehab, and on the way to recovery. His contact info is: 1290 Canterbury Drive Abilene, TX 79602 e-mail: ray_redford@hotmail.com Cell# 325-280-7188.

Ø  Our thanks to Rich Gough for attending, and letting us know how nice Jerry Cotton's services were. Also, glad to hear he was able to fill his instructor vacancies at the College in Beaufort.

Ø  Roger Laton said he hunted his Thanksgiving turkey right in his own back yard.

Ø  Rusty Gann said He and Sandy did a lot of traveling in 2015.

Ø  We really appreciated Sam Flores' fantastic generosity!

Ø  Col Scott Hallstrom is presently the “Boss” at COMMARFORPAC. Haven’t heard from His deputy Cliff Chen lately?

Ø  Shelby Dubois is working hard at Caterpillar Corp. He said they have an active duty Marine (LtCol Chris Madaline) on board as part of the DOD Fellowship Program.

Ø  Steve and Dana Franklin are now living in their new home in Chesterfield, VA. They are known as PePaw and GaGa to their Grandkids!

Ø  Steve Loftis and his Dad (once a Sgt-USMC) met a 92 year old WWII Army Sgt, who was a machine gunner with the 104th Inf. Reg. during the Battle of the Bulge, at a Veteran Honors luncheon.

Ø  Tal LeMay shared this story of why coins are left on Headstones in National Cemeteries. A penny means you visited, a nickel means you trained together, a dime means you served together, and a quarter means you were there when the person died!

Ø  LtCol Tom Lenhard is at HQMC ASL-33 working the JSF Program, and loving it!

Ø  Maj. Timmothy (Chocks) Garrison is on Inspection Team 5 at COMNAVAIRFOR.

Ø  Wes Steele said he really enjoyed the Harley Davidson Rally at Sturgis SD.

Ø  Will Wilson is still providing advice and guidance at 2ndMAW. How many years now, Will???

Ø  SgtMaj William Harvey, former SgtMaj at MALS 14 is now the SgtMaj at HQMC for Marine and Family Programs Branch in the Manpower and Reserve Affairs Division.


I apologize again that I couldn’t include everyone in the pages above who communicated with me, but it would be remiss of me not to mention their names and thank them for keeping in touch. So Here Goes! (Hope I don’t miss anyone!)


THANKS TO: AI Reynolds, Bob Negrilla, Bob Rackham, Bob Wittenberg, Brain Chadwick, Bridget Bemis, Carl Hubbell, Charlie Davis, Chuck Walters, Chuck Bailey, Mike Coffman, Dave McCowan, Ken Crawford, Dennis Miller, Elmer Davis, Don Caron, Don Herpy, Don Wilson, Doug Elliott, Joe Rachal, Ed Emanual, Frank Visconi, Gary Lucas, George Cook, Gerald Lancaster, Gil Diaz, Ed Green, Greg Horstman, H. Wayne Olive, Jack Brooks, Jack Miller, Jeanette Curd, Joe Chisholm, Joe Creaghe, John and Karen Karps, John Buckley, John DiGiovanni, Joyce McCallister, Karen Hartman, Ken White, Kevin Doherty, Kevin Toomey, Bob Kish, Lee Booth, Liz Bergman, Mark Shultz, Mark Schafer, Mike Cooper, Mike Duggan, Norm Root, Paul Carver, Paul Moreno, Paul Pratt, Ray Finklea, Ray Gardiner, Rich Flatau, Richard Jenkins, Rocky Donahue, Roger Kraft, Ryan Goulette, Sammy Bibb, Scott Loch, Shari Hodson, Steve Hickey, Ted Grubke, Tim Lap/aunt, Tom Zymanek, Rod Tyler, "Charlie" Carr, Bill White, "Wink" Merry.


Aviation Logistics Marines July 2015 Newsletter
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(8/5/15) News Letter extract

Since the last Newsletter in April I've received a few e-mails from folks telling me how they are, what they've been doing and what they plan on doing. So as usual, I plan to share with you what I've got!
* "Bones" Rathbone says He and Wife are going to visit Okinawa this fall.
* "Bones" remembers the good times working for LtCol. Lee Holloway at MALS-26.
* He saw MGySgt. Ray Gardiner and wife at Nellis AFB PX.
* He commented "he was glad to hear "Slick"" Katz made Col.! Boy "Bones" you've been out of the Corps too long!

* Col. A.J Manuel is working hard at NAVSUP WSS (N981).
* Congratulations to Brian Averell NAVSUP WSS Director of Fleet Outfitting on his retirement after 42 years of service to Navy and Marine Corps Aviation. Brian was a Marine 1970-76.
* Speaking of NAVSUP (alias ASO), Joe Featherston found his old boss LtCol. Bill Sackett who is now living in Del Ray Beach, FL.
* Bart Consford did a wonderful eulogy at Mike Di Francesco's Celebration of Life.
* Bob Negrilla said we'll see Him and Wife at the Reunion, and if possible, they will be bringing guests Bob and Jackie Hartman. Jackie's Dad (A Marine) was a recipient of the Silver and Bronze Star w/combat "V" and a Combat veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
* Brad Bergman provided the following information on a bunch of folks that I'm copying and pasting rather than retyping! Quote: Lots of very familiar names and memories in the newsletter but I noticed a lot of folks missing...I know you do your best and rely on us. Maybe I can fill in a few spaces.
* Gary Fraley still works for CACI in Norfolk area,
* Roy Bibbins and PW Malone still work supply issues for CACI at MALS-31 and I know Larry Messner does the same at Wing 2 MAW. (I saw your note on LinkedIn and it is easy to navigate in and can be a big help)
* Paul Callan is still out west and I believe with PKL but has his own Leadership business.
* LtCol Jeff Stone is still at HMX-1 last I checked and LtCol Chuck Bercier is in Norfolk at a NAVAIR type billet.
* LtCol Greg Johnston retired and lives in Mississippi.
* CWO-3 Don Joseph retied lives in New Orleans area,
* GySgt (Ret) Mike Pasko is in Iowa,
* CWO-3 Rob Willis is Pax River working for Andromeda as a Program Manager.
* Pat Frossard travels as he does comm/radios for NASCAR.
* LtCol Brian Haviland retired and works for Booze Allen in Lexington Park, MD.
* Col.Dan Cowley Retired, works Leidos as a Program Manager
* Col Dale Johnson retired, is in Dallas working for Trinity Systems. I could probably fill another page or two. Unquote. Thanks Brad! Brad also advised that he has started his own company, Pegasus Professional Services.
* Carl (the Coconut) Cabrera is riding the hills of Hawaii in his really "tricked out" Harley Davidson Chopper!
* Carl Hubbell advises "If it's stupid, but works, it isn't stupid!" I agree!
* Col. Chris French, ALD 4thMAW will be retiring in September and has accepted the Senior Military Instructor billet at Bixby High School in Bixby OK.
* Don Davis (not me, the good looking one) is still doing Great working for the Coast Guard, repairing and overhauling their C-130's as Vice president of DRS Technologies in Elizabeth City, NC.
* Dave McCowan wrote a neat story about his Boot Camp DI being like a 2nd Father (Umm!).
* It was an honor to attend the wonderful Church and Burial Service for Mike D Francesco. His help and dedication to the ALM will be missed.
* Congratulations to Bill Cooper's Son William (Billy) who was commissioned a Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant after graduating from the University of New Mexico, Magna Cum Laude.
* Ed Creamer says he's getting so old, he doesn't recognize many of the names in the Newsletter! Unfortunately, Time Marches On Ed!
* Ed and Jackie Bacon said they are going to celebrate their 47th Anniversary during the whole month of June! Good on Ya! They also are embarking on a cross country road trip and said they have no time table for its completion.
* Ed Green is still doing good things as the OpsO for Training and Education at K-Bay HI. Ed is also the Chief of Staff for the Hawaii Civil Air Patrol and the proud father of daughter Emma who is a 2ndLT. at The Maryknoll School's 20th Cadet Squadron.
* Clyde (Jess) Jesse had hip replacement surgery on 4 June and suffered some memory loss for a couple of days after the procedure. But thankfully all is well now, and Jess is recovering so well he's walking with only the aid of a cane.
* Franc Hershley has spent a lot of time recently researching past year's editions of the Marine Corps Retirees Newsletter (Semper Fidelis) to find as many as possible of our ALM folks that have passed away.
* Pete Lynch has Franc's results, and will use the information to update our ALM Roster. Thanks Franc!
* Jerrel Townsend has retired as a JROTC instructor, and I presume is now pursuing his favorite hobby, fishing!
* Glenn Bratcher said he sold his motorcycle and bought a $200k yacht. (He sent pictures, honest??). Glenn also sent some great CD's of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War celebration that took place at the Vinson Hall Retirement Community. We're planning on having the CD's available for viewing at the Reunion.
* Rich Holihan has retired as the Capital Region Liaison for the Marine Corps Logistics Command and has moved with wife Mary Lee to Beautiful Beaufort, SC. Rich was ASL-41 and ASL-2 back in 86-87.
* Jim Griffin has moved from California, MD to Melbourne, FL. His daughter visited Jim in Florida, and loved it so much she's moving there also!
* Karen Hartman advised she is going to venture east from Arizona and visit Florida around Reunion time. Great!
* Our Thanks to Jacque Ray for the e-mail address update.
* Jim Brander and family are enjoying life in Brevard County FL. Jim is anxiously looking forward to wife Sherri's retirement.
* Jim Payne has recently had major back surgery and is now in Rehab at a facility in The Villages. Jim and Syble's daughter is also courageously fighting Cancer, so please keep them in your prayers.
* My thanks to G. Lee Radford for keeping us up to date on Jim.
* Jane (Bradford) Sudhoff said she is now living in Ocala, FL and to note that she has changed her last name!
* Happy to hear Jim Sealy took the time to contact Chuck Martin!
* Our thanks to Mike Duggan for keeping us up to date on Ray Redford's health problems. Ray is rehabbing from heart surgery and pneumonia.
* Joe Chisholm's daughter JoAn, while working with a rep from the Marine Corps Museum on a fundraising project, happened to mention her Dad was a Korean War veteran, and participated in the Inchon landing in 50-51. Much to Joe's surprise and honor he was subsequently invited to the Museum in June and presented with a Flag and Citation for his service! Wow!
* Bert Potwin is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, which is about 1500 miles. Way To Go Bert!!! Maybe you shoulda been a Grunt??
* John Cauble is looking for a 50-55 Chevy Pickup for a friend that wants to do a restoration.
* Did John Cash contact Bill Hamlin? Hope we see both the Cash and Hamlin families at The Villages this year!
* LtCol. John DiGiovanni is staying on as the MARFORPAC AVO until his retirement in 2017.
* My sincere apologies to John Rutherford Col. USMC (ret), Sam Flores LtCol. USMC (ret) and Terry Robling LtGen. USMC (ret) for erroneously announcing in the last Newsletter the leadership at PKL Services. The correct information is: Sam is the Chairman of the Board, Terry is the CEO, and John is the Director of Logistics. I hope I got it right this time!
* Mark Schultz says being the COO for the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians is like running a Marine Corps base!
* Marty Zigovsky and wife Tilly are celebrating 40 GREAT years together!
* Mike Stitcher's Grandson reported to Parris Island 56 years after Grandpa.
* Nick and Sarah Russell unfortunately will miss the gathering in October because of a mandatory appearance at another Import function. We'll miss you guys!
* We hope Paul Cerkez's Dad is doing well after his recent hip replacement. Paul is our Website Manager, and he is requesting pictures from past Reunions or any other pictures of interest to post to the Website.
* Randy Virgil is touring the Parks of NC this summer with his dog Goose!
* Our Congratulations and Thanks to LtCol. Ray LeGall who is retiring after 38 years of service to the Corps at MCB Quantico on 14 August.
* In our last Newsletter we listed Bill Moody as deceased. However, Bill has written a letter to Rick Owen advising that he is alive and well in Oak Harbor, Washington. Sorry Bill, guess we got bum scoop!
* I bet Sammy Bibb is glad to hear we located his old boss from MCCRTG-20.
* Glad to hear Shelby DuBois, after many years has made contact with his old friend Mike Guillory. Mike is enjoying his retirement in his new home in Pensacola FL.
* Dan Sullivan's daughter Cpl. Charlotte Hobbs USMC has recently left active duty and is now attending College at NOVA. Dan is working as a Research Scientist with Pacific Northwest Laboratories at Ft. Belvoir, VA.
* Did Tom Johnson ever hear from George Hayn about the suspected e-mail virus he received from Slovakia.
* Our Thanks to Tim Murphy for forwarding the recent BG selection list.
* I hope Walt Lehner's job search has been successful.
* Wes Steele has asked to be added to our roster. Wes retired from 2ndMAW in 95!
* Will Wilson 2nd MAW CACI Programs Manager, gave me the following update on some folks at 2ndMAW ALD.
* LtCol. Jeff Bolduc retired in April,
* Col. Chuck Dunn has gone to a command billet in Norfolk,
* and the new ALD Branch Head is Col. Dre Harrell who came from HQMC ASL.
* “Chub Madden will be hunting Antelope in Colorado in October! Good Luck Colonel!
* Jim Burton and wife Laura have moved to a new home in Wesley Chapel FL. Jim says its 3 miles from their previous home!
* Carl Hubbell has already made his reservations at the Waterfront Inn for the Reunion! Thanks Carl!
* Col. James Carroll III is now the Co at MCLB Albany, GA. Happy to hear another Aviation Logistics Officer is helping the Ground Guys. Look him up on LinkedIn, he has a very impressive background!
* Heard from another Great Marine from the past Gordon Hansen who is still hard at work in Norfolk, VA. I bet all those folks in Albany, GA are having a great time at the YMCA with Dan Gillan in charge.
* Sorry to hear Nick Rebello is having some serious health problems. But he is hanging in there, and looking forward to getting a puppy to cheer him up!
* Got a very nice e-mail from Sgt. Grit. They are going to send us a Free Goodie Package to hand out at the Reunion.
* Bob Timmons sent a beautiful e-mail video of him singing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony of a Hagerstown Suns baseball game. He is absolutely GREAT! Hope we can get him to sing for us at the Reunion.
* Charlie Hayes sadly sent me the following: "My father (Capt. Charlie Hayes Sr.) passed away today peacefully with his family by his side, he was 92. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1939 and retired as a Captain in 1962. He was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and served both in WWII and the Korean War. He supported both Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft. He was the first squadron AMO operating at MCAS Futenma. He was the AMO of a helicopter squadron that supported nuclear bomb testing in Nevada during the 1950s. He was the Director of Maintenance when he retired from Bell Helicopter in 1988."
* The name CWO-4 Henry Wildfang may be familiar to some of you. Henry served 37 years in Marine Aviation and compiled more than 20,000 flight hours. He was a legendary aviator and sadly passed away at age 99, on 25 June 2015. I mention Henry, because at one time he was one of us. He served as the Material Officer in VMGR-152 in 1983-84. He told me that flying an Airplane was a lot more fun.
* My Sincere Thanks to John Polley, Joe Featherston, Bert Burchette, and Francis McCarthy for the numerous e-mails they send that keep me totally informed, oftened smiling and laughing out loud. Please keep em coming!
* Speaking of Joe Featherston, he asked me to mention the Marine Corps Mustang Association Reunion that is taking place in Jacksonville, Fl. 15-18 September 2015.

There are a lot of folks that have sent interesting e-mails, about many different things, and I try to include Log Notes about as many of them as I can. But it's just impossible to do so. However, I would like to provide my Thanks for keeping in touch and recognize those I've heard from: Brian Chadwick, Byron Stebbins, Don Fincham, Don Herpy, Jarvis Conic, Joe Driver, John Buckley, Pat Curd, Pat Garrett, Rich Flatau, Timothy “Chocks” Garrison, Tom Lenhardt, Linda Forman, Bill White, Ken White, and John Miske.

Since the transfer of Floyd, Stan and Mike to heavenly duties with the Lord's Regiment, the ALM was a bit short on helpers and advisors. However, thanks to Rick Owen, Pete Lynch, Paul Cerkez, Kevin McCutcheon, Otis DeLoach, Jim Payne, Jack Middleton and Ed Bacon for stepping up to the plate and providing help and advice we are on still on track!

I hope I haven't left anyone out? However, there may be a few folks that I've mentioned twice, Sorry! The two fingers I use to do this are rapidly wearing out. So it's time to Quit! Please read the EDITORS COMMENTS for more info on the future of this Newsletter and the Aviation Logistics marines Organization! Semper Fi!!!!

This Newsletter is only being distributed via e-mail. Because of limited administrative funds, the cost of Printing and mailing the Newsletter has become prohibitive. We have established a WEBSITE (avlogmarines.org) and we are publishing items of interest, information and announcements on it continuously. So PLEASE check it regularly.
Colonel Davis
My father passed away today (23 April 2015) peacefully with his family by his side, he was 92. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1939 and retired as a Captain in 1962. He was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and served both in WWII and the Korean War. He supported both Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft. He was the first squadron AMO operating at MCAS Futenma. He was the AMO of a helicopter squadron that supported nuclear bomb testing in Nevada during the 1950s. He was the Director of Maintenance when he retired from Bell Helicopter in 1988. All of his Marine friends have passed before him and I know few will know him. I would appreciate however if you could post his passing in your next news letter. I think it would be fitting since he was one of the early AMOs.

Charlie Hayes

It's my very sad duty to let everyone know that Mike Di Francesco passed away today at 1600 at Craven Regional Hospital in New Bern, NC.
Our hearts go out to Meda and the Family. Our thoughts and Prayers are with them, and for Mike. Mike will be missed, but he's now in the hands of the Lord and no longer suffering! He will be a loyal Marine in Heaven, as he has been a loyal Marine to Corps and Country here on earth! Rick Owen advised me that Mike was admitted to the Hospital a week ago in critical condition. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia and was unconscious with severe breathing problems. He never regained consciousness, and subsequently it was determined that he had irreparable brain damage.
With Sincere Regrets,
Don Davis
P.S. When Funeral and Burial Arrangements are known, I will advise.
Condolences can be mailed to:
The Di Francesco Family
237 Hollywood Blvd.
Havelock, NC 28532-2355

Another Great Aviation Logistician has joined the ranks of the Lords Marines in Heaven! Mike Murphy passed away yesterday [15th] at St. Josephs hospital in Santa Ana, CA. Mike was a victim of lung cancer. He was diagnosed 4+ years ago and fought a valiant fight. He had 1/3 of the left lung surgically removed and experienced chemo therapy and radiation therapy. Ginger and I and his niece Maggie and wife Keiko were with him through the end. He passed peacefully without any pain at all. There was nothing more that could be done to save him. May his soul rest in peace. There no plans at this time for a memorial service. When this happens I will notify all of you. P.S. My Thanks to all those that sent me Birthday wishes. Although it was a milestone in my life, it was a sad time because of all My Great Marine Friends that have passed in recent days! S/F Don
Again it is my sad duty to inform you that another of Our Comrades has passed on to the Lord! Stan Godsil died in his sleep at approximately 0600 on 11 February. Stan and his wife Sue recently moved to Nebraska to live with their daughter Sharon because of health issues. Stan had been fighting pneumonia for several weeks. Stan, as well as Floyd Dufore, were long time members of the ALM, and worked for many years on the Reunion Committee. They both will be missed. Stan's family has advised that a small Service will be held in Nebraska, and later they will travel to Havelock, North Carolina with Stan's ashes, and a Memorial Service will be held there. Donations in memory of Stan can be made to the Semper Fi Fund. Condolences can be sent to: Sharon Markowski 7443 Leawood St, Papillion, NE 68046. Additional information I neglected to put in my e-mail pertaining to the Visitation/Burial for Floyd Dufore was _the date_, which is the 14th of February, 1000 to 1100 at Munden Funeral Home in Morehead City NC. Please accept my sincere apologies. For those who wish to sent condolences to The Dufore Family the address is: 102 Campen Road Beaufort, NC 28516-1509 Semper Fi, Don
Another old friend and fellow ALM'r, Stan Godsill, passed away at 0600 this morning. More later.
It's my very sad duty to inform you that Floyd Dufore passed away at 0400, 9 February 2015. Those of us who knew Floyd were very privileged.  His attitude in life was absolute incredible.  He set an example for all to follow, and we will miss his wonderful personality and wise council.  Please keep Floyd and the Dufore family in your Thoughts and Prayers.
Funeral arrangements are as follows::
Visitation: 10.00 to 11:00 AM
Munden Funeral Home
2112 Arendell Street
Morehead City, NC 28557
Service: 11:00 AM
Munden Funeral Home
Burial: Immediately after the Visitation and Service
Carteret Memorial Gardens
NC Route 101
Beaufort, NC 28516
Condolence Messages and Obituary: go to: mundenfuneralhome.net
* UPDATE - Pete was released from the hospital on 1/20/15 but no other word on his status at this time
* - Some sad news! Joe Featherston was in Jax Florida arranging for the Annual Marine Mustang Reunion and while there found out that Pete Lynch was in the Hospital with some serious leg problems.
* MCAA - As was discussed at the last Reunion, investigations are on going concerning making the ALM a MCAA squadron, possibly 2 squadrons (one East and one West). The names Curtiss and Wright have been hinted at for potential squadron names. We may begin initially with only the East Coast squadron (named SS Wright) and later follow up with the West Coast one (named SS Curtiss). Standby for more info and details.
* Iwo Jima - Paul Cerkez is currently working with the National Meuseum of the Marine Corps at Quantico to donate some original WWII Iwo Jima artifactes that were the property belonging to 1stLt Ralph Braken (the maternal uncle of his cousin). Braken was a Combat Engineer wounded on the 5th day. Paul says, "The closest I ever got to Iwo was sailing past it on the TAVB Curtiss on the way to Desert Shield. These items actually made the landings."


(from the last ALM Newsletter)

* - Scott Loch who has been planning the move of Marines to Guam has retired, and is now a resident of Clemmons NC.
* - A.J. Manuel has been doing some really hard work trying to establish the Aviation Marines Logisticians Group on LinkedIn. He has recruited about 81 active duty and retired Aviation Loggies so far. A.J Hopes that his LinkedIn Group will become the modern day forerunner of the ALM. I strongly encourage all to visit A.J on LinkedIn and see what he has to offer.
* - Is Alex McCraight still mentoring JROTC kids at Havelock High, and also running marathons?
* - Bart and Terri Consford will show their smiling faces to us in October.
* - Did Burt Burchette ever locate Eddie B. Wright (AMO) and Ed Henninger for Col. Jim Orr?
* - Bill Bruce retired from Lyondell Chemical on 1 Jan.
* - Bill Dempsey said his friend Bill Palineu recognized 2 Marines he knew way back when, Jerry Moore (Atsugi-61) and Carl Hubbell (El Toro 66-67).
* - Bill and Betty Hamlin are making a trip across the USA and seeing many friends and relatives. As always, Bill will be the sharpest looking Marine in uniform at the Reunion. It's the “Big eight Oh” next year Bill!
* - Is the house in PA that Bob Timmons is renovating finished?
* - Congrats to Bob and Mary for being Great Grand Parents!
* - Did Bob Wittenberg ever find an employee for the MALSP II Project?
* - I assume Bridget Bemis is now a Major and a successful graduate of the Naval War College?
* - Capt. Tony (Rip) Ripley is now the Expeditionary Energy Officer (?) at the Pentagon. Did you get some good feedback on your Gazette article on UPL's ( Goodie Lockers)?
* - My thanks to Col. Blayne Spratlin, CO FRC East, for the opportunity to meet with those active duty Marines that visit your Depot and talk about Aviation Logistics and the ALM.
* - Sure hope we see Floyd and Babe DuFore along with Irene Bridges and a few others that Floyd is going to drag along in October!
* - Bob Aitchison sure does great work finding jobs for retiring or former Aviation Logisticians.
* - Sure hope I have Bob Hicks right e-mail address?
* - Is LtCol. Jeff Bulduc still the CO of MALS-14?
* - Brad Wilhelm is at NavSup Phila. Working the MH60R program for the Royal Australian Navy.
* - Did Brian Chadwick get all his Daughters moved OK?
* - Col. Byron Stebbins (Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M) reports that his kids are now grown up. Daughter has a Master's in Public Service and Son will soon be a Marine Officer!
* - Where is Bill Voight staying in October?
* - Did you know that MGySgt. Carl (AKA “The Coconut”) Cabrera (ret) worked in 2nd MAW Wing Supply as a Cpl. in the 70's?
* - Is Carl Hallen still with SEKO Logistics?
* - For those who like old baseball movies, watch Carl Hubbell's Dad in the TCM movie “Big Leaguer”!
* - Last I heard Carmine Borrelli is still trying to convince the “ground guys” that Aviation Logistics really works!
* - Has “Catfish” Williams got back on that Harley and back on the road with the RV?
* - I sure miss those “Coffee Sessions” with Charlie Davis!
* - Charlie Caproni sends his best to all from California!
* - What's Charlie Dankmyer up to these days?
* - Charlie Hayes reports Son, Hunter, Capt. USMC, is still supporting Marine Aviation.
* - I sure Hope Chet Drinkwine gets this Newsletter?
* - “Chick” Reeves has not had a good year. He fought the battle with cancer and seems to have won, but still is having problems with ongoing treatments and medications.
* - Chris Eck Sr. Retired AvnOrdO, has put his hat in the ring for a seat on the MCMA BOD's. He also proudly has 3 sons that are retired Marine
* - Officers. Many of you know 2 of them, LtCol. Chris Jr. and Col. Laurin.
* - I sure get a bunch of great e-mails from “Chub” Madden! Thanks Col.!
* - Did Curtis and Susie Bare hear from the Burchette's?
* - Has anyone heard from Jerry Cotton?
* - Dan Gillan is the CEO of the Albany GA YMCA. Dan also is an accomplished Bagpiper that recently played at the 9-11 ceremony in Lee County GA.
* - There were hundreds of folks saying a sad goodbye to Dan Smyczynski at Bushnell National Cemetery in November.
* - I hope spell check doesn't screw up Dave McCowan's name again?
* - Denny Steigmann wants to know if Social Security runs out of money, will Welfare Funds also run out?
* - Col. Don Chipman is now 1st MAW ALD.
* - Don Davis (the other one) says his Company has negotiated a 5 year A/C Maintenance contract with the USCG.
* - Don's son Justin is a Logistics Officer with MARSOC.
* - Ron Dillon puts out a e-mail letter called “Ron's Rants” about his views on the world today. It's very good! Contact Ron Msgt1969@bellsouth.net.
* - Don Daily says he went through Avn Sup School in 1950. He worked for Col. Madden at MCLB Barstow 1962-65.
* - MGySgt. Maurice Dyer advises that Col. John Rutherford, ALD at MarForPac, will be retired from the Corps on 14 August. John has been one of the great active duty Marines who have continuously supported the ALM. John plans to reside in San Diego, CA.
* - “Jess” Jesse sent a really wonderful Christmas e-card. Thanks Jess!
* - Ed Bacon has had a few cancer scares this year, but at last report has a clean bill of health. Ed is another great helper with the ALM! Thanks Ed!
* - Ed Creamer writes some wonderfully interesting and often humorous stories/articles. To review a file of them go to: PapaSmoke.com/Fast-Eddie-Creamer.
* - This year Ed Green received the highest Merit Service Award presented by the Hawaiian Civil Air Patrol.
* - My apologies to all the Facebook folks I hear from. I don't have room for your input!
* - Frank Kinlow advises he is now working for General Dynamics Information Technologies in Havelock, NC.
* - Col. Ed Butler called to say hello and tell me he is 91 years old and still has his driver's license.
* - Gary Engelking is busily teaching school in Orlando, FL.
* - We hope to see Gene Polderdyke this October.
* - Has George Hayn contacted Carl Hubbell Jr.?
* - Sure would like to have lunch again with George Mclaughlin and Jack McHugh!
* - Gerald Townsend now has to wear civilian clothes because he has retired as a JROTC military science instructor!
* - Gil Diaz says he tasted the original Tun Tavern beer. Was it kind of stale?
* - Glen Bratcher did a 5K last year with other residents of Vinson Hall in DC.
* - H. Wayne Olive recalls the good times at Cherry Point back in the 60's.
* - Col. Scott Hallstrom is Head of the Weapons Support Department Code 033 at NavSup in Phila.
* - After 19 years as the CACI Rep at 1st MAW, Harold (Mike) Guillory and wife are now residents in their new home in Pensacola FL.
* - Does Harold Johnson like Dallas TX?
* - Last I heard Hugh Grummer is touring Europe.
* - Are Col's Hugh (Randy) Ware and Bill Mackey still the head guys at HQMC Code ASL?
* - I'm told the Bacon's and Muston's are ready to party at Myrtle Beach!
* - What a year for the McHugh's! Jack drops a lawnmower on himself and gets laid up. Martha had to get a 2nd hip replacement because #1 was defective, and then Jack's heart acted up again. Hope all has settled down?
* - Jack Middleton has a new e-mail address, but I'm not telling!
* - Jake Wilkes is building a very nice Ranch House on 55+ acres in Texas.
* - I sadly said goodbye to LtCol. Jack Demmond, (94), my 1st boss, lifelong mentor and friend last April.
* - To answer Jack Miller, I was not in Lee Harvey Oswalds platoon in Boot Camp!
* - I wonder how Col Jim Garner (93) is doing on obtaining his favorite Pipe Tobacco?
* - Is it true that Joe Creaghe is really Italian?
* - Do you know that Jim Payne has only missed attending 1 Reunion in the last 30 years!
* - Gale Rogers advises that husband Jim Rogers is studying to be a Lay Preacher in the Presbyterian USA Denomination.
* - Joe Chisholm is going to explore the Hawaiian Islands and also attend his Grand-Daughter's wedding on Maui.
* - Joe Featherston has sent me so many great e-mails, as he has probably done for so many other folks. What a wonderful Communicator! Thanks Joe!
* - John and Karen Karps are going to be doing the European thing in October. Is Latvia on the itinerary?
* - Is John Decker now the head guy with CACI at 1st MAW?
* - John Murawski was a member of the original MMPIT (Maintenance Management Program Implementation Team?) that introduced the 3M System to Marine Aviation.
* - I get an e-mail from John Polley almost every day that tells me something I didn't know. Thanks John!
* - John Shultz has moved to his hometown in WV and is restoring a house and reliving his youth!
* - We are looking forward to seeing Karen Hartman and Grand- Daughter Reyna in October.
* - I need a vote on Kevin McCutcheon taking over the operation of the ALM!
* - Larry McDonald tells me he is busily planning a HMM Reunion.
* - Jan and Larry Poling are making a lot of trips to the UNC Hospital in Durham NC. Jan is fighting a brave battle with brain cancer. Please keep them both in your prayers!
* - Lee Holloway reports that surgery has done a great job resolving Becky's heart problems. Make sure she follows the doctor's orders!
* - I wonder if Lee Perkins is enjoying his wine case?
* - Lee Voss recently hung up his Marine Corps uniform and is now working as a contractor on the JSF program in DC.
* - What is Walt Lehner doing now, where is he doing it?
* - A lot of nice e-mails from a Great Lady, Linda Forman! Thanks Linda for all your help with the Reunions.
* - I hear Liz Perez is really doing a great job in the Marine Corps Reserves.
* - Sorry to hear we'll not be seeing Lonnie and Sara Thompson in October.
* - Luke Bolenbarker has been seeing the sights in Italy. He and Helen are also awaiting the arrival of Grand-Daughter Melissa's new baby.
* - Did 1stLt. Breden Lyon ever write the H&MS to MALS conversion article for PapaSmoke Magazine?
* - Maria-Elena Augustin tells us Daughter Caitlin is attending Columbia University in NYC and Son Aidan is at the Capital Factory (?) in Austin.
* - Mark Hunt is still at AT&T, and reports the Company has a new product that can check inside high capacity fiber.
* - Mark Shafer is teaching H.S. math in Mercer WA.
* - Hope we see Marty and Tillie Zigovsky in October!
* - Got a nice Thank You note from LtCol. Mike Gonzalez CO MALS 36. Our Congratulations to MALS 36 for winning the MCAA MALS of the Year award again this year. We'll be in contact about our ALM “You Make Us Proud” award.
* - How did Mike Witsell's December surgery turn out?
* - Mike Cooper is now totally retired!
* - Our supreme helper and prime advisor Mike Di Francesco faithfully checks the ALM PO Box at the Havelock Post Office, and diligently keeps me informed of all correspondence and contributions. I don't know what we would do without him? Thanks, Mike!
* - Mike Hudson is back living with family in Havelock, NC, and recently advises he is recovering from a bout with pneumonia.
* - Is Mike Kennedy still the #2 guy at Cherry Point DLA?
* - Mike Murphy lives in Tustin, CA, and says when he attempts to fly, TSA doesn't like his 2 metal hips.
* - Mike Welter is big into Pickleball. What's Pickleball?
* - Hope Neal Wilcox's health problems are improving.
* - I bet we see Nellie Bowen and friend Dot this year!
* - Nick Russell says he is running for a seat on the MCAA BOD's.
* - I guess we get to vote for both Nick and Chris Eck, Great!
* - Norm (AKA Imcaveman) Root is a very interesting guy who keeps me well informed on what's going on around the world in Military Contracting.
* - I can always count on Otis DeLoach for a helping hand at our Reunion. Otis sells our 50/50 tickets and has very long arms for multiple sales.
* - Thanks Roger and Pat Kraft for the past Reunion pictures. Hope you're enjoying the ALM t-shirt and hat Paul Carver says he remembers sorting out gear after WWII and some of it was leftover from WWI.
* - Paul Cerkez says he's a busy man at DCS Corporation at Pax, River.
* - I hope Paul Callan and Dan (“The Ferrett”) Snyder are ready to drink some Guinness?
* - Paul Moreno retires from the Corps on 1 October 14.
* - Our regrets to Paul Pratt for not being able to have a Scholarship program this year. Hopefully next year!
* - Paul Simkonis says he and Maria will both retire in 2015.
* - Pete Lynch- The name fits the importance he is to the ALM. As the “Keeper of the ALM Roster”, he is Our Communications LINCH PIN! Thanks Pete!
* - Ralph Hudson said he enjoyed seeing Col. Rick Owen and Ed Bacon at the Reunion.
* - Will Randy Hagland bring Dave Salem to a Reunion?
* - Randy Virgil knows everything there is to know about total retirement, just ask him!
* - Where is LtCol. Ray Legall now that he's left Okinawa?
* - Rich Flatau is linked with LinkedIn to A.J Manuel's network!
* - Rich Holihan is moving to Beaufort, SC from DC.
* - Don't know what the ALM would do without Rick Owen. He is the man behind the scene! Thanks Rick!
* - Roger Laton is a great outdoorsman and owns a lodge on an island in British Columbia.
* - Hope Rusty and Sandy Gann have a wonderful time at their Grand-Daughter's wedding in September.
* - Did you know that Sam Flores (President of PKL) is also an accomplished weightlifter and golfer?
* - I love the cup Laura Sampsel gave me!
* - Slick Katz is a Big Guru in the PapaSmoke organization.
* - Very Sorry to hear that Stan Godsil is having some serious health problems. We'll keep you and Sue in our prayers!
* - Ours Thanks to LtCol. Tom Lenhardt for his continuous support of the ALM.
* - Tim LaPlaunt's nephew's MarCorp career seems to be doing very well.
* - Maj. Timmothy (“Chocks”) Garrison asks; Why no awards for Aviation Ground Officers at the Expeditionary Warfare School? Good question for HQMC (Code ASL) to query the MCAA about!
* - Tom Heffner retired from NSA 1 July 2013. He was the Deputy Director for Logistics.
* - It's been 52 years since Tom Mix attended the WO Aviation Supply Course at Montford Point, NC.
* - Col. Tony Wright is in the process of transitioning from being the CO of Combat Logistics Regiment-35 on Okinawa. Where to now Tony?
* - Will Col. Vince Clark be the next CO of FRC East?
* - MGySgt. Lee Voss has retired from HQMC (Code-33).
* - Our apologies to Willard Walker for not having another 5K Walk/Run.
* - We have LtCol. Willie (“Chili”) Stancell back in our e-mail file! I believe Will Wilson has to hold the record for continued service on the 2nd MAW ALD Staff. He has to have been there at least 30 years, both as a civilian and a Marine. Thanks Will for keeping us updated on what's going on in the Corps!