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The 2019 Davis Squadron reunion will be at

The Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, FL March 21st-24th.

Registration info will be available soon. !

History of the Davis Squadron

For 25 years we were known as the "Aviation Supply Marines." Organized primarily as a social group, our yearly reunions were organized and sponsored primarily by retired and active duty Aviation Supply Marines.  Since we are inextricably linked to our Maintenance community brothers and sisters, it naturally followed that we expand our membership to them.  At our business meeting at the 2002 reunion it was unanimously voted to change our name to "Aviation Logistics Marines or ALM.”  

In 2014, a recommendation was made to have our ALM group be established as a Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA) Squadron.  Decision rationale below.

·   Formalizing ALM as more recognizable social-professional organization

·   Broadening participation and membership in ALM and associated planned activities

·   Broaden affiliations with Marine aviation active-duty and ALM Community of Interest (COI) constituents

·   Consideration to pursue COI sponsors to support various ALM functions and objectives

Our application for MCAA Squadron status was approved in Oct 2015 and By Laws were established. 

ALM Historical Pictures

John Polley:

"I served at FMFLANT for 4 1/2 years in the ALM branch. In the picture, I'm the third from the left in the front row. Stan Godsell is in the next to top row on the right. We were in the JASMM class at Athens, GA in March 1973. I don't remember the other Marine's name."

Paul Cerkez:

MALSP Works!

MALS-11 at Sheik Isa Air Field in Bahrain. This Mobile Facilities complex is the I-Level supporting ALL the USMC F-18's, A-6's, and EA-6Bs in country. This image includes all the Avionics, Supply's Data processing, and Airframes workcenters. The Supply complex is out of frame to the right and was just about half as big. The GSE compound, also out of frame to the right was accross the street from the Supply complex.

During a presentation to Army Air in approximately 2008/9 while they were doing research for their TASMG/TASMC initiatives (similar in concept to MALSP), the person briefing (an active duty Marine) was going on how we need to reduce our foot print (there is some sound evidence for some of this) and was using this image as evidence of excessive bloat and none of this should ever go forward again, including all the MFs. "We need to move away from this" The Army Col and the GS-13 supporting her stopped the presenter dead in his tracks with a simple statement: "What I see in this picture is my maintenace and supply capabilities next to the flight line where it is needed" [GS] "Yeah, its not a couple thousand miles away where I can't get to it." [Col]
Paul Gaughen, MSgt (Ret):

MAG-12 Group Supply!

November 1961. This photo was taken in 1961 at Iwakuni. I'm in the first row, 4th in on the left. Major White was GSOffice. Capt. Kluth ran the aviation side & Capt Weaver along with GySgt Stolte ran the MC Side. Other in the front row left to right include Sgt Aylward, MSgt Farrar, GySgt Benton (name not remembered) MSgt Eynan, GySgt Stolte, SSgt Gaughen, Sgt Alsup, GySgt Wetherall and GySgt Agee. I might of mispelled some names so if anybody out there can correct them OK.