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The 2019 Davis Squadron reunion will be at

The Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, FL March 21st-24th.

Registration info will be available soon. !


Application submission period is closed for 2018.

Scholarship News


Freeman Scholarship applicants

Please know that this year we have received considerable support from our Marine Corps Aviation Association defense supporters and members, so this year’s competition was robust.  Applicants worked hard on the completeness and content quality of their applications.  





For over 29 years Captain Pete Freeman was the heart and soul of the initial Reunion called the Retired Aviation Supply Marines (RASM). Captain Freeman was always an advocate, and encouraged the Reunion to encompass all Aviation Logisticians and sub¬sequently his wishes became a reality, and the Reunion name and purpose was changed to Aviation Logistics Marines. This Scholarship has been established in his name as a continuing reminder of the legacy of Aviation Logistics. The organization is now a member of the Marine Corps Aviation Association as the Don E. Davis Squadron. This scholarship is available to all dependents (Wife, Husband, Children), or Grandchildren, of Aviation Logisticians (Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Ordnance, Avionics, or Aviation Supply), who are active duty, reserve, retired, or former Marines.
We are looking for a Few Outstanding Students out there in our Community that have earned, through hard work, to be rewarded for their efforts. So take advantage of a Great Opportunity and allow the Don Davis Squadron help someone obtain a good education!

Application submission period is closed for 2018.

• Capt Pete Freeman Scholarship Foundation has continued to grow and, again, was a great success. We awarded 17 scholarships this year.
• Our board was comprised of 5 members, including the XO. We’ll look to stabilize this board for the next cycle in 2019.
• Selections were made base on the timeliness, compliance, quality and content of applications submitted
• We gave out $15,250
• All applicants received an award
• Below awardees are published in descending order of rating; sponsor and amount of award
• The above underscore importance of communicating this great foundation to our eligible members

This year's recipents: It has been our Honor and Privilege to award Pete Freeman Memorial Scholarships each year to worthy recipients based on their past scholastic accomplishments, and their desire to further excel in academics. Our scholarship program is open to Spouses, Children, and Grand Children of any active duty or retired Aviation Logistician.
Congatulations to all.

Awardee                      Sponsor
Percie Lyons                Anthony Lyons
Destiny Oakley            Jonathon Oakley
Troy Renaux                Bruce Renaux
Karalyn Stitcher           Bradley Stitcher
Owen Dunne               Charles Dunne
Jeremy McCutcheon    Robert McCutcheon
Alexis Strauss              Andrew Strauss
Viktoria Alston            Conrad Alston
Wyatt Benett               Robert Bennett
Jeremy, Mazur             Joseph Featherston
Lisette LaFontant         Roosevelt LaFontant
Nathaniel Knisley         William Hidle
Madeline Mustin          Irvin Mustin
Hunter Chipman          Don Chipman
Chase Flatau               Richard Flatau
Briana Brander            James Brander
Natalie LaFontant        Roosevelt LaFontant

We have received a couple of Thank You letters from some recipients.

We strongly encourage anyone that have Spouses, Children or Grandchildren that are interested in applying to submit an application next year as soon as the open period is announced.

We will award as many scholarships as possible.

The value of each award depends solely on the number of applicants and the available scholarship funds.

Please send all donations to:
MCAA Donald E Davis Squadron
P.O. Box 22
Chatham, MI 49816

and indicate Scholarship or Admin on your check.


Thanks for the Support

We would like to thank the following for sending us their generous donations for the Pete Freeman Scholarship Foundation and ALM Administrative costs.

Corporate support/contribuitions - We are very grateful to our Corporqate Sponsors
Lockheed Martin Corp. (and others to be added - list is being compiled)  

Individual support/contributions
(updated list is being compiled)